filipe r. cogo

Welcome! I'm a Software Engineering Researcher at Huawei Technologies Co., based in the beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. My research typically adopts machine learning and mining software repositories to investigate and propose automated solutions to technical and social problems in software engineering. I'm actively researching related topics with software engineering and foundation models.

I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Computing at Queen's University, under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed E. Hassan. During my Ph.D. (2017-2020), I was fortunate to work with a team of talented students and researchers at the Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab (SAIL). I also received a master's (2012) and bachelor's (2009) degree in Computer Science from the Department of Informatics (Departamento de Informática) at the State University of Maringa (Universidade Estadual de Maringá). Prior to my current position, I was an associate professor (professor adjunto) in the Department of Computing of the Federal University of Technology at Paraná (Campo Mourão campus) and an assistant professor at UniCesumar.

Latest news

[February 2024] Our paper entitled "Exploring the Impact of the Output Format on the Evaluation of Large Language Models for Code Translation" was accepted at FORGE'24. Our paper demonstrates that controlling output format is paramount to avoid bias during the evaluation of LLMs for code translation.  Pre-print will be available soon!

[January 2024] My colleagues and I will give a technical brief entitled "Software Engineering for AIware" at ICSE 2024, where we will present the latest research and industrial practices in engineering foundation models and their applications.

[January 2024] Our paper entitled "Studying the Impact of Risk Assessment Analytics on Risk Awareness and Code Review Performance" was accepted for publication with EMSE! This paper uses a controlled experiment to evaluate Gherald—a risk awareness prototype plugin for code review interfaces.

[November 2023] I will participate in the "FM+SE Vision 2030" workshop in Mexico City. I look forward to hearing the discussions about the future of foundation models and software engineering from top scholars and practitioners worldwide!

[September 2023] I am excited to teach the "Software Engineering and Foundation Models" course in Fall 2023 at the Department of Computing, Queen's University.